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Premium SVGA Video Cable - Male to Male Coaxial SVGA cable

Premium SVGA Video Cable 6 ft. Male to Male Coaxial SVGA cable

Lengths Available:
  • 6 ft. | 10 ft. | 15 ft. | 25 ft. | 50 ft. | 75 ft. | 100 ft.
Model Number(s):
  • SVGA-MM-10FT
  • SVGA-MM-15FT
  • SVGA-MM-25FT
  • SVGA-MM-50FT
  • SVGA-MM-75FT
  • SVGA-MM-100FT
  • High quality double shielded Coaxial cable with Ferrites - 2 HD 15 Male connectors with 3 coaxial +4.5 twisted pair cable with 2 ferrites for maximum EMI/RFI protection
  • Superior molded cables with foil and braid shielding for maximum EMI/RFI protection
  • Constructed from mini-coax (RGB) and paired video wire construction for superior signal quality
  • premium SVGA monitor cables are ideal for connecting your high-resolution monitor to your PC.
  • Constructed from high quality UL certified double-shielded 28AWG coaxial conductors for the RGB signals, 28AWG for the H-sync signal and 28 AWG cable for maximum durability, these cables feature superior signal integrity design for minimal signal distortion, loss and ghosting.
  • Thumbscrews for easy connecting
  • Three dedicated coax cables for red, green and blue
  • Connect your monitor to your PC.